By Lindsay Ride, May Ride, Bernard Mellor

Many of the the most important figures (British, ecu and American) in the course of the turbulent occasions resulting in the Opium struggle are buried within the outdated Protestant Cemetery in Macao. The tales informed by means of the inscriptions at the a hundred and sixty gravestones there shape Macao and Hong Kong's heritage.

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Fresh in Urmston's mind was the case of Francis Terranovia, seaman on the ship Emily, who it was alleged had knocked a Chinese woman overboard as she was offering him fruit for sale and who had promptly been surrendered by the American captain for trial: the Chinese court found him guilty and ordered his execution, which had been carried out by strangulation. U rmston refused to intervene in the matter of the Topaze, on the grounds that he had no jurisdiction over the Navy, a reason the Viceroy did not understand and refused to accept, at once suspending British trade.

7 profitably, and were rewarded by Lin with presents of livestock in the hope that others would follow suit. Lin badly needed the reopening of trade to sustain Imperial revenues and asked Captain Warner, who was planning an immediate return to London with a shipload of tea, to deliver a letter to that effect to Queen Victoria. Other ships whose captains signed the guarantees were the Royal Saxon and the American ship Mermaid. 6 THE STANTON INCIDENT THE WIFE OF RICHARD TURNER (93) had arrived at Macao about six months before his death, accompanied by two of their sons and their tutor, Vincent Stanton, a divinity student of St John's College, Cambridge.

On investigation they were found to contain not silver, but opium. When arrested and interrogated, the coolies were commendably unwilling to implicate their employer, even under torture, and stated that the boxes came from the ship Thomas Perkins, commanded by Captain Talbot. Russell & Co, the American firm with which Forbes was connected, was the ship's consignee. The ship was detained, several merchants and compradors were arrested, all manner of cargo boats prevented from running, and unjust accusations made against many of the American and other foreign traders.

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