By Kory Goldberg, Michelle Décary

This particular guidebook offers useful and encouraging info for meditators who plan to go to the sacred websites the place the Buddha lived and taught in India and Nepal. The publication deals a wealthy anthology of reports when it comes to all of the pilgrimage websites hooked up to the Buddha's lifestyles and instructing, in addition to important maps, artistic art, and non secular narratives from skilled tourists. every one web site access contains insider info and information with special descriptions of transportation, lodging, and native delicacies; recommended tours and actions within the area; and highlights of demonstrated Vipassana mediation facilities most suitable to house traveling meditators.

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Consolidators usually get very low fares and some of them sell these tickets directly to travellers. Finding the right ticket may require some virtual legwork—checking out different companies, different dates, different ports of entry—but you could end up saving a few hundred dollars. Be vigilant about the fine print when booking on-line, however: if the price starts to soar during the booking process, it’s a sign to jump ship. There are many advantages to E-tickets: they’re easy to book, you can change your dates over the internet without having to pay a service charge, and you don’t have to worry about losing that precious piece of paper.

For example, in the case of Dhamma Giri’s Pāli Programme, students need to register in Nasik. Once registered, you are not allowed to leave the district for more than 8 days without getting written permission from the man in charge of the FRO. Often, this procedure is much more challenging than it seems. When we were students at Dhamma Giri, the FRO was an hour away from our campus, the officer-in-charge at that time was rarely at his desk, and he generally refused to make appointments. Packing It’s good to know if you plan on being in warm or cool climates; this will help you to pack more efficiently.

Taking refuge in the Dhamma, the teachings of the Buddha, does not involve converting to a particular religion or following the ritual of any sect; rather, it is taking refuge in a universal teaching applicable to all. This teaching is divided into three interrelated parts: ethical integrity (sīla), concentration (samādhi) and wisdom (paññā). Sīla refers to a set of moral guidelines: abstaining from killing, theft, sexual misconduct, wrong speech and mind-altering intoxicants. When these prescriptions are properly followed, the mind is then able to become sufficiently calm, enabling the delicate task of self-observation.

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