By Saul L. Neidleman (ed.), Allen I. Laskin (ed.)

Meant for researchers in utilized microbiology and environmental engineers, this e-book covers such subject matters as environmental review of biotechnological methods and microbial adjustments of haloaromatic and haloaliphatic compounds.

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LONSANE AND M. V. , 1980; Tobey and Yousten, 1976; Lulla and Subrahmanyan, 1954; Ramesh and Lonsane, 1987a,b). , 1945), beef broth containing peptone and NaCl [Minagawa and Hamaishi, 1962). peptone-corn steep liquor-starch medium (Ramesh and Lonsane, 1987b), and was used as inoculum after growth at the desired temperature and time under static or shaking conditions. 2 ml of midlogarithmic culture/lO g commercial WB (Tobey and Yousten, 19761, or 20% based on the weight of commercial WB (Ramesh and Lonsane, 1987a,b).

The ideal solid substrate is one that provides all the necessary nutrients to the microorganism for optimum function. The cost and availability are other important considerations. In some cases, the extent of mechanical or chemical treatment necessary to improve the amenability of the solid substrate to microbial attack and the physicochemical changes occurring after sterilization of the solid substrate determine its suitability for use in the SBF process. , 1985). Various solid substrates used by different workers in the production of bacterial a-amylase in the SSF technique are listed in Table 111.

The ratios of the solids to the moistening agents employed by various workers are presented in Table VI. It is evident that the ratio used varies with the bacterial culture used in the process. 5 Reference Ramesh and Lonsane (1987a) Qadeer et al. (1980); Lulla and Subrahmanyan (1954); Ramesh and Lonsane (1987b) Beckord et al. , Ltd. (1961) Arima (1964) Feniksova et al. 5 was optimum and nearly doubles enzyme titers as compared to a ratio of 1 : 2. Buffer-WB ratios ranging from 1 to 3 were also studied by Ramesh and Lonsane (1987a), and the ratio of 2 : 1 was found to be optimum.

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