By Wayne W Umbreit

Meant for researchers in utilized microbiology and environmental engineers, this e-book covers such themes as environmental evaluation of biotechnological procedures and microbial ameliorations of haloaromatic and haloaliphatic compounds.

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2 5 4 5 % ascorbic acid RT 5% Lactose plus salts - ~ Shigell a 5% Glucose on dried peptonestarch plugs 10% Ulucose and 10% peptone Streptococcus 5 % Glucose on peptone-starch Plugs 77-86 69-90 Annear (1954) Fry and Greaves (1951) ~ 1%Sucrose 1% Glucose 3°C. 3°C. 005 Heller (1941) 36 ROBERT J. HECKLY TABLE I (Continued) Storage Organism and suspending fluid Temperature Time Slap hy lococcus 10% Peptone and 10% glucose Mist. desiccansc 20°C. POOC. - rvr RT Papain digest broth 0 2-3 Months 24-30 Months 96 49-109 100 68 36 References Annear (1958a) Fry and Greaves (1951) 8'2 Weeks 20 Scott (1958) 2 Days 3 Months 0 Months 12 Months 17 16 15 14 Birkhaug (1951) 4°C.

HECKLY TABLE I (Continued) Storage Organism and suspcnding fluid Temperature Time Per cent. viabilitya References Vibrio 40 Annear (1956b, 19584 I tT 18 Months - RT 0 12 Months Mist. desiccansc RT RT 1 Month 2 Years 5 3 Fry and Greaves (1951) 5% Lactose plus salts - 0 7 Hornibrook (1950) Dried plugs of peptone, dextran, and glucose 10% Glucosc and 10% peptone Skim milk Yeast Mist. desic*ransc 4°C. 5"C. 6 (1-27) 5"-10°C. - Bovine serum 4°C. 2 Years Stockton and Newman (1950) Kirsop (1955) Haynes et al.

Edwards Company. m. None of the centrifugal drying equipment has facilities for sealing containers; therefore ampules must be attached to a manifold for sealing under vacuum and bottles must be processed through some sort of a vacuum-sealing apparatus. Large production equipment is not widely applicable to lyophilization of bacteria and hence will be mentioned only briefly. RePP Industries, Inc. produces a pilot plant scale tray-drying apparatus with no provisions for attaching a manifold. Such equipment should be useful for lyophilizing large amounts of culture in bulk.

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