By Wenying Jiang

During this booklet, linguistic achievements of be aware order experiences in chinese language were utilized to chinese language moment language acquisition examine. through examining a good number of note order error made by means of newcomers of chinese language as a overseas language (CFL), this ebook has constructed a mode for describing and explaining chinese language be aware order mistakes. With this technique, the publication has the capability to empower CFL lecturers around the world to coach chinese language in an educated demeanour, and especially to educate chinese language notice order extra successfully and successfully.

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231). All these authors maintain that L1 transfer can be positive in facilitating L2 acquisition and it also can be negative in causing L2 errors. Although language transfer sometimes is associated with behaviourism, this term is still widely used by L2 researchers and teachers. g. Odlin, 1989) use cross-linguistic influence to cover all kinds of language transfer or avoidance of transfer. In this study, language transfer or L1 transfer refers to both positive and negative transfer. Positive transfer refers to the facilitative role of L1 in L2 acquisition.

After its grammatical category is established, a phrasal procedure is required to see what type of phrase it forms and what function the phrase can play, such as being a subject or object of a sentence. Subsequent to this, the phrase can be arranged into a sentence. The last procedure in the hierarchy deals with the ways of joining sentences together. This sequence follows an implicational pattern in which each procedure is a necessary prerequisite for the following procedure. In sum, PT is a cognitive theory that incorporates the concept of interlanguage as developing systems by focusing on the processing prerequisites that are necessary for the production of linguistic structures.

The structures that emerge earlier are regarded as earlier stages in L2 development. This methodology matches a longitudinal research design (for elaboration, see p. 112), which involves obtaining data from the same L2 learners from time to time. Although this approach has successfully explained the acquisitional sequences of L2 word order development in German, English and Swedish, this does not mean it can explain Chinese L2 word order development. One reason is that Chinese word order does not involve syntactic movement.

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