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Introduced by Martin Haskell in the early 1990s as an improvement over the dilation and evacuation method, intact dilation and extraction (D&X) is usually performed on women who are between twenty and twenty-four weeks pregnant or in the third trimester. During the procedure the doctor delivers all but the More Abortion Questions head of the fetus from the uterus, and then uses scissors to cut a hole in the base of the fetus’s skull so its contents can be removed. This causes the fetus’s head to collapse, allowing it to pass through the cervical opening more easily.

To take into account special circumstances, most states have enacted judicial bypasses in which a pregnant teen can ask a judge to allow her to have an abortion without telling or receiving consent from her parents or legal guardian. The judge can grant the request if he or she believes the teen is mature enough and sufficiently well informed to make the decision for herself, if notification of a parent or guardian would cause the teen to be harmed in some way, or if the notification of the parent or guardian is not in the best interest of the minor.

Abortion in Women’s Lives, Guttmacher Institute, 2006, pp. 22–24. pdf. At the ten-day point, 48 percent of the women who had miscarriages were suffering distress, while only 30 percent of those who had aborted indicated any emotional trauma. 6 percent of the women who had suffered miscarriage were still showing signs of distress, compared to 20 percent of those who had an abortion. Many pro-choice advocates do not believe PAS exists, or if they do, they believe the effects of PAS to be minimal.

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