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Gr. 156) m. I) god Ex. zo,3, Dt. 10,17 d,k, 2) God, in Gza. w. , s w. sere, n w. segol. In p$&ii j spells consistently without s b w a . Ps. p5x, s. Y9. (Gr. 241, cf. 238) ns Gza. L I) in a restrictive sense but, only Dt. I O , I ~ ,2) after negative statement but, except 16,6, Is. 1,21 f,, Am. 3,7, 3) w. im if not 3f. 7 C . (Gr. 238) as if Ex. z4,11. (H) God. 54' GLOSSARY (Gr. 238) if not. Eliab, Dt. 11,6 Gza. Ea 12 alef w. sere. p~(Gr. ) these. Eleazar, Dt. 1o,6 Gza. Ea 12 il-. (Gr. ) Pe. e/a to learn Is.

Gn. 2,1g Af. pf. ZQi,i Keter aye;. 22 W. suff. -;yak, var. -ayah (Gr. ), n -innah on the analogy of the imperfect (Gr. 360) : Neo. ). Dt. z6,1o pf. rendering a H GLOSSARY 57 perfect of coincidence (Gr. 338). Am. 4,4f. ptc. (while) you b. 4 Pe. , f 6 , g sn-5. (Gr. 194) m. sign. you (m. ). ) kiln, oven Ex. 19~18w. S . for a, Jgns Keter ntt-. & ~ G Asshur Y , Assyria Gn. z,14, n rrxvnrs :Neo. ur~. (cg. ~ W H m. -Gn. 1,g Neo. ind. ittadg (Gr. 200, cg. ~ W N )f. -Gn. 2,18 Ps. ind. sg. rsn9N, also Is.

Way, road (also figuratively). Pr ba- in the manner of, as in Am. 4,Io. a'rd (Gr. ), 2) because, 3) when. Var. B ~ Y NAm. 4,13fs, same form throughout TP, pointed in Fr. var. g, Gza. g. Translation of H '3. m. lion. crib Is, 1,3, 5 u-. Af. (Gr. ) I) to be long (days, time) impf. y& Ex. 20,12, gns yb-, Dt. 6,2: Ps. as T, to stay long, to wait Ex. 24,14, 2) to live long, lit. to prolong (days) Dt. 11~9. (Gr. ) Aramean Dt. 26,5. (cf. ~ 1 9lifting, ) raising in % W Y ~ da'. the wave sheaf (cf. Lev.

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