By Hugh Richardson, David Snellgrove

Drawn from inscriptions and texts one of the fundamental resources of Tibet, India, China and imperative Asia, in addition to a wealth of secondary assets in the course of the a long time and the authors' own reports, this can be a definitive survey of Tibetan historical past, faith and its wealthy, complicated tradition. Drawn from inscriptions and texts one of the fundamental assets of Tibet, India, China and important Asia, in addition to a wealth of secondary resources during the a long time and the authors' own reviews, this can be a definitive survey of Tibetan historical past, faith and its wealthy, complicated

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The 'exposition intoned with ululations' served to invoke the help of the powerful beings whose nature and functi on might be described. This was an entirely oral tradition, but some examples of such invocations have been preserved in later literature. Similar rituals with exactly similar recitations of ancient myths survive to this day among peoples of old Tibetan stock who penetrated the Himalayas in pre~Buddhist times and have since escaped the full impa~t of the later Tibetan Budd~ist culture.

The priests who performed the ceremonies at the tombs and who invoked and made offerings to various classes of divinities were known as Bon (probably meaning 'Invoker') and gShm (probably meaning 'Sacrificer'). The whole practice of such religion was referred to as 'sacred conventions' (lha-chas), as contrasted with 'human conventions' (mi-chos), or as 'the pattern of hcaven and earth' (gnam-sa'i lugs). Later Tibetan writers as well as some western scholars have referred to this early religion as Bon, but the word never seems to appear with any other meaning but 'priest' in really early Tibetan literature.

They would be useless for working our fields. Like mountain mists, they do not press upon men . My army will cut its way through just as a single scythe cuts its way through numerous blades of grass. ' Wong ·ker·z hang· she replied: 'If a heavy mountain crushes a small egg. one can count on its being broken. ' Khri·'bring of mGaT replied: 'O n the great mountain there is a rock. On the rock there is a tree. In the tree there is a nest. In the nest there is an egg. If the mountain does not fall, the rock will not split.

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