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E p H T vow pHc m. south M A p H C m. Upper Egypt p o e i c [ p ^ e i c ] , p H c t be awake, watch', m. guard p c o ) , pi. p c o o y e f. animal pen p AC T e m. tomorrow, the following day p A c o y [ p e c o y e ] t dream p A T ^ [ p c T ^ ] m. foot of (only in compounds, cf. c. p A T - grow, sprout, bring forth pAire f. relatives, family [ p H T e m. manner R n i p H T e thus R n p H T e R - like, in the marmer of\ p A y n f. neighborhood pooye m. stubble, straw pooyNe m. virgin p o o y r t V.

Turn, visit K O T , K A T m. wheel, basket KOTC f. crookedness, trick K T O V. [ T K A T O ] turn K C J L ) T q , K e T q - , K O T q ^ , [ K A T q * ^ ] K O T q t gather Kooy m. length of time K A C 9 m. reed, pen Kxz rti. sheath, cover Kooz, KCJD2 n i . comer, point, piece K A called A A Y A A transliterated / A as number thirty [ A - can stand for N-] \x m. enxy, slander e i A A slander (z^oye) A O [ACO, A O T ^ ] , imper.

Neck MoyK2, MeK2MOK2^ afflict, oppress MKA2> '^<=>»<^Z^ ^e painful, difficult; pi. pain, difficulty, grief X\RKXZ suffer R K A 2 R ^ H T m. pain,grief MexcoT f. ceiling MX A 2, pi. MX002 m. battle, fight Moyx2,MOX2^,MOX2^ salt,besalty MXZ n. salt Moyx2 m. wax Moy X2, Mox^*^ ^xxz^ ], MOX2^ be bound to, attached to, fasten, involve [ M A M H e , M A M i e ] truly w. M e truth * [RMe ] V. e i M e know MepiT [MRpiT], p l . M e p x T e Me,Mee,MHe [MIS] RMO^ V . R - R M R - , M R - there is not, are not (negative existential predicate, opposite oyR-) MRTB M R T A ^ , M R r e ^ , M R T ^ have not, has not RMON [RMAN] no, if not or not, rather, or RMIN R M O ^ [RMA^] self own R M O N [ e M M O N , R M i .

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