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The Walking Dead Season 3 Episode 2

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Five prisoners survived the zombie apocalypse – until Rick Grimes & Co. came along.

By the end of the hour, only two remained alive.

We quickly get a feel who the leader is, a Latino man in a wife beater I shall call Lead Bad Guy. At first, they think these are rescuers but their hearts certainly sink when they realize the Grimes crew are really out for themselves and rescuers are not forthcoming.

Not that we’re sympathizing with the interlopers, who are criminals. They were just lucky to even be around in non-zombie form.

A guard when the virus starting overtaking the prison locked them in the cafeteria with all the food, which enabled them to survive 10 months. But once Lead Bad Guy is out, he tries to show his feathers: “My house, my rules, I get to go where I damn well please.”

But Rick exerts his leadership and explains the bleak situation and why there are so many dead zombies strewn about. Lead Bad Guy bestows Rick’s crew a small space by the water. But nope, Rick says his team earned the right to stay at the prison because they killed so many walkers to get there – and they freed the prisoners to boot. “We took it, we spilled blood, it’s ours,” Rick says.

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guys, here is best stream i've found (plugin is needed but it's free !!!)


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