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When it comes to resuscitating the female rap genre of music, there is only one name that comes to mind, and that is 3D Na’tee. Her reinvigorating & genuine style of lyricism has an exhilarating & jaw dropping feel to it every time I hear her spit. Honestly, it is what the female rap game is missing but it’s also what hip hop is missing as a whole, someone who is not so politically correct and ready to take off by any means necessary. What I love about 3D Na’tee is she has never been afraid to speak her mind and it never comes across as hate. She’s authentic.


Hailing from the 3rd Ward of New Orleans, Louisiana, she brings that southern charm, long legs, and good cornbread fed thighs, mixed in with heavy wordplay and musical articulation that has yet to be matched by any female in this day & age of hip hop. Her ingenious punchlines and carefree attitude has helped her mark her territory as the next big thing in Hip hop. Currently signed by Def Digital/Universal, 3d Na’tee has made her mark in the industry by video directing & editing her own videos, producing some of her own songs in the midst of directing, editing, and ghostwriting for some of your favorite well known female artists in the game right now. Not to mention, her in your face, innovative singles bring light to today’s current events, bringing attention to the perspective that we do not see on CNN or Fox News.

When she is not enlightening us on today’s current events, she’s spitting some of the most creative bars I have had heard from female rapper since the early days of Remy Ma. Her punchline formula reminds me of a female southern version of Fabolous mixed in with a little Kanye. I say all of that to say this, Why is she not on our mainstream radios? Is she too much for mainstream too handle? Have we become so brainwashed and politically correct to the point where we deny authentically good music? The same thing happened to Don Trip. There is no doubt in my mind that I, amongst millions of others, would appreciate a new and innovative voice like 3D Na’tee on my neighborhood radio daily. So while she is currently working on her new project, The Regime, I hope the hip hop Gods step out of their little pink bubble and let 3D Na’tee breathe life into female hip hop again.



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