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“W.T.T.2’s TOP 5” by Nina Kapowski

“W.T.T.2’s TOP 5” by Nina Kapowski

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By: Nina Nicole Kapowski


As the long awaited days of “Watch the Throne 2” approach us, we all sit around like children waiting on the first day of school so we can show off our new outfits & see who’s in our new classes. The anticipation is getting greater and the ladies are getting better. All anxious and prepared to show us who is boss and who is in fact, the Queen of the Ring. As I sit back and glance over this two day event (Feb 6-7, 2016) full of dope female emcees, I ask myself, who stands out as the leading lady of this particular event? How do we judge the outcome? WHO IS QUEEN? Are we talking wins vs losses? Number of battles? Fan favorites? Resume? Or Views? I feel like each category plays a very important part in the concept of who holds the title. But just like any title, your spot can always be revoked in any given second. Although WTT2 is missing a few front runners like Bonnie Godiva & Official, I feel like this event will definitely solidify who is Queen.

According to Verse Tracker, the Top 5 most viewed females on the WTT2 card are 40 B.A.R.R.S, Phara Funeral, QB, Tori Doe, & Couture. Views are important because at the end of the day, it’s all about BARS & PROMOTION. These 5 ladies have become fan favorites and have gathered a healthy fan base to help support the cause and expansion of female battle rap.


                                                           (ACCORDING TO VERSETRACKER.COM)


With the most views of any Queen of the Ring emcee, 40 B.A.R.R.S will be taking on a QOTR veteran, E-Hart. Although E-Hart is also a fan favorite, she doesn’t have as many battles as 40, but in the same breath, she is well respected and always comes up in any conversation about who is the Queen of the Ring. This battle will come down to who is wittier with the wordplay and who can grab the crowd’s attention. Will E-hart bully her way through with extensive wordplay? Or will 40 woo the crowd with punchlines and beauty? This is definitely one up for serious debate.

Phara Funeral is also back alongside Shooney Da Rapper for their second 2 on 2. The first one vs Tori Doe & Don Ladyii made battle rap history. I expect this one to do the exact same. This time their opponents are We Go Hard’s leading ladies Nina Cruzae & Cee da Boss. I expect this one to get crazy and mad disrespectful. This will be a classic tale of gun bars VS beauty but “I smack Bitches”.

QB, another fan favorite, finally made her way back to the ring, but this time, against a guy, URL’s own T-Rex. Male vs Female battles are always one sided to me. It is always so hard for a man to take that “L” from a female. Both of these battlers are well known veterans in the battle rap community. QB’s extensive resume shall have her well prepared for one of the biggest battles of her career. With that disrespectful & witty aggression, QB is known for, this should be one of the most talked about battles that night.

Last but not least in our top 5 most viewed, Tori Doe & Couture… One of the most anticipated battles of the night. With everyone still kind of upset with Couture for not making the original date this battle was scheduled, Couture is going to have to come out swinging and not playing any games. Tori Doe is known for her punchline techniques and clever wordplay while on the other hand, Couture is known for her art of bringing a story to life and painting a vivid picture with wordplay and of course props. Will Tori try to beat Couture at her own game and bring a prop? Who knows? But personally, this is one I can not wait to see.

Salute to these five ladies for holding it down for their fans. In a world where man dominate the industry, it is good to know that the ladies can hold their own and run neck and neck with the fellas. February 6th and 7th will solidify who is Queen of the Ring and if QB is finally ready to pass down that torch.





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